Truth from Bill Dogterom

When love is no longer spoken, truth is silenced as well. Paul said as much, reminding us that love makes way for truth – not the other way around. When love no longer makes way, truth has nowhere to go. It sits at home becoming distorted and twisted into a weapon of subjugation. But love makes truth flexible, supple – able to be inserted into the tiny spaces of terror where it sets free those sitting all alone in the dark.
The challenge is to live and speak love loud – often – and in living conversation. That language will never die, even when faith and hope have lost their voice.
Bill never ceases to completely blow me away with his wisdom, transparency, and love for Jesus. As my buddy Sean says frequently, Next to Jesus, Bill is the best picture of Jesus I’ve ever seen. I know that Bill would disagree completely, but thats ok. Bill has taught me many things…
This is great. I can see this truth coming out in my life everyday- without love, truth is no longer spoken. Love leads way to truth, and without love, the whole message in truth gets garbled and distorted to rubbish. Without love, we cannot do anything fully. wholly. Love is the thing that makes our actions and our intentions and our hopes become fully realized, if not fully implemented. We cannot understand the true nature of reality unless we look at it through the lens that shows a glimpse of the indiscriminate, unstoppable, crazy, and furious love that the Creator has for everything you see.
This is the blinding paradox of grace.  It causes a severe and irreversable paradigm shift, where worth and value assesment are comepletely changed, and your perception of those around you, your perception of yourself, is no longer based on your merit or your experience or your good deeds but rather based on the insane love God has for everyone.
If we don’t begin to allow ourselves to see that love on the faces of thsoe around us, we are effectively living in an alternate, false state of reality.  The love of God is what binds us together and keeps us whole- without it we lose everything. Without love, truth doesn’t function. Without seeing the wold through the lense of Love,  we cannot claim to be looking at an accurate picture of reality.

Love always wins.

bet on it.

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