Weirdest things ever left in airline baggage claim

You’ve probably heard of the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama. It’s where all lost suitcases that are never reunited with their owners end up. This makes it both the world’s most amazing thrift store and a collection of pretty weird stuff. A recent mental_floss article rounded up ten of the strangest (and most valuable) things they’ve found.

1. Hoggle from the movie “Labyrinth.” Yes. Someone checked the orignal puppet.

2. A Gucci suitcase filled with ancient Egyptian artifacts.

3. A rattlesnake. Yes. A snake on a plane.

4. A $250,000 guidance system belonging to the U.S. Navy.

5. A Barbie doll stuffed with $500 in cash. Best. Birthday. Ever.

6. A suit of armor. Stupid TSA probably wouldn’t let the owner wear it in the cabin during the flight, as planned.

7. A 300-year-old violin. Has Dave Carroll taught us nothing? Don’t check your valuable musical instruments!

8. An ordinary-looking sock, which contained a 5.8-carat diamond set in a platinum ring.

9. A camera designed for the Space Shuttle. NASA flies commercial?

10. A 40.95-carat natural emerald.




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