Interesting ballot measures


  • Prop 107: The Ban on Affirmative Action in public employment, schools, and contracting: Passed by 60%
  • Prop 203: Legalizing Medical Marijuana: Curently tied. 1% of the vote is still be calculated. 


  • Prop 19: Legalization of Marijuana: Failed by 54%


  • Amendment 62: Definition of a person (This constitutional amendment would apply personhood — and all of its rights — from “the beginning of the biological development” of a human being): Failed by 70%


  • Question 4- Eminent Domain: This proposal would revise an amendment that was adopted in 2008 regarding eminent domain. Currently, governments aren’t allowed to take over private property and turn it over to another private entity. But voters could decide to add a few exceptions and make some other changes to the law: Failed by 67%

Rhode Island

  • Question 1: Changing the current name of the state from “State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations” to just “Rhode Island”: Failed by 78%

Health Care Measures: This measure would amend the state constitution, making it illegal for any health-care plan to be mandatory for people in [insert state], including employers and health-care providers. It would also eliminate the possibility of penalties should someone choose to reject health insurance or seek it privately.

  • Arizona: Passed by 55%
  • Colorado: Failed by 53%
  • Oklahoma: Passed by 65%

Right to Hunt Measures: This measure would add a constitutional amendment stating that [insert state] have the “right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife lawfully.” It would also give the state legislature the exclusive authority to make laws regarding hunting, fishing and harvesting wildlife.

  • Arizona: Failed by 56%
  • Arkansas: Passed by 83%
  • South Carolina: Passed 89%
  • Tennessee: Passed by 90%

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