untitled poem

Untitled Poem

by Josh Quale

At times I feel I’m

stuck inside myself-

as if by chance or

random circumstance I

misplaced the exit sign

that leads me outside.


Alone on a park bench with

a one way conversation, and

through my only looking glass,

the voices and the shadows cast

colorful shades and filters

on what I see.


The colors overwhelm me

andd the voices speak their mind,

and precisely when I’ve given up

on sight, im compelled to stop

by the awkward scene that unfold before me.


I see in another’s staring eyes

a picture of the man i was.

though but a glimmer, I can see

the man that sits outside of me-

though different, skewed, distorted

in a way…


and then i found the reason why:

im seeing me through this man’s eye

Im in him, and he’s in me and

if for only a moment, i wonder if

he can see himself inside of me.


About joshquale

Unusual Truth Communicator.

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