Key of C

by Clint Brown, a friend


Well C Minor, this is it.

This is the last time that you will ever

play in this key.

It’s sad, I know.

You can no longer go off pitch

and blame it on the fact that

you are younger than most

of those around you.

When you are in the park at night,

playing glow-in-the-dark ultimate frisbee

you can no longer say the the police officer…

“Hey, I’m only a kid!”

This new year that marks the beginning

of a new installment of your

life will be completely different

than any other year you have yet experienced.

As you become C Major,

I request that you surround yourself

with friends that are similar to a legato,

that you glissando through adventures,

that you have a never ending crescendo

to these next few years, and maybe even

the rest of this musical score that you call life.

But whatever happens, make sure that you

stage this musical number well.

Hopefully by the end of this performance

you can walk out on stage

and give a final bow with pride,

and know that you end your run of this show

with happiness in your heart.


I remain forever a composer to your life,

Key of C



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