Sabbath is a DAY, not a collection of hours

The Sabbath is the 4th commandment, and is the commandment with the largest amount of commentary- i.e. one of the most important commandments.
Sabbath is supposed to be a gift from God of a DAY of rest. If you rest a little bit each day, thats not really a day of rest, thats being human and taking a breather, lol. God asks us to take a DAY OFF of work- no worry, no work, no homework… a day of rest, or fun, or worship, or games, or being lazy… this is a hard habit to do, but it teaches us a few things:
1) it teaches us that we’re not that important. The world will still be intact and your life will not fall apart if you step away for a day.
2) it shows us what is more important- our health or the work we do. I say our health
3) it’s a natural part of our body’s rhythm- our bodies work within rhythm… we have daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly rhythms- our daily sleep pattern is called our Curcadian rythm- we also have a weekly rythm, the clock in ourbodies that urges you to take some time off. Your body needs special rest weekly, and its important to listen to your body so you dont get sick.
4) Jesus did it, Jesus says we should do it, and if he’s your Lord, you should definitely do it.

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