DAY #7

I found realized, over the past few years, that my life has been mostly personified by this picture- This is a “Roughing” of the word hope, made by rubbing (or “Roughing”) a dark crayon or pencil onto white paper over a template. One thing to notice in this picture is that the thing that makes the picture work is not the black, but the white- not the roughing, but the places where the color does NOT stick is what we are noticing and deciphering. My life has been characterized by Hope, made possible through the roughing of tings and dark places, but existing not for the dark, but to highlight the light.

“The light shines in the darkness…”

I remember working up at Hume a few summers ago, and the last night of my last camp I was out listening to campers around the fire pit, talking about what God had done in their life that week. Hundreds of kids stood up, and they had mostly generic things to say.

“God told me to read my bible more”

“God told me to listen to him”

“God told me to go to church more”

But one guy, towards the end, said something I wil never forget. He stood up and said

“God showed me that there’s still hope”.

This guy was in 7th grade- and he was findong out the most important thing I know about- no matter what happens, there is still hope- Because we trust and lean on someone bigger than ourselves and our circumstances. This has been huge for me this summer, and these past few years. I pray I never forget that truth- There’s still hope.


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