Proposition 9?


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  1. There is a big difference from being left handed and desiring to have sexual relations with a person from the same sex. Love is not the issue here. Love is a beautiful, wonderful thing. We should all love one another to the highest degree possible, as was exemplified by Christ.
    There are many verses that address the issue of effeminate males, women and men giving themselves over to sexual perversion (Almost all of us are guilty of this) and how this should not be done. The anal region is an exit, and it is dangerous for it to be an entrance. It causes many diseases and problems.
    To me the whole “Homo-Sexual Pride” movement is really a non issue. Love should be what we hold up the highest.
    All acts of sex should be private matters between couples and the god that they worship. For me personally, and my God, I prefer the original design as established between the first people as described in the word of God.

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