Day #2 (or, why are you called what you are called?)

The meaning behind the name of this site is based on the biblical science of hermeneutics.

BIBLICAL HERMENEUTICS refers to the study of the interpretation of written texts, especially texts in the areas of literature, religion and law. The science encompasses not only issues involving the written text, but everything in the interpretative process. This includes verbal and nonverbal forms of communication as well as prior aspects that affect communication, such as presuppositions, preunderstandings, the meaning and philosophy of language, and semiotics.

Thats a big BIG definition. Basically, biblical hermeneutics is taking what was done and written a LOOOONG time ago, understanding what it would have meant to those in the time the people lived and the words were written, and taking that understanding and researching what kind of implementation and relevance it has in todays world.  In short, it’s taking what happened then and there, and making it relevant here and now.

So, after that, I write about what happens here and now in response to the then and there.


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