day 1

1. I extremely enjoy time at Starbucks. I like the community there and the vast array of barristas-that-have-become-friends that i see when i go in. its like a little family. I love it.

2. I have had 2 major surgeries and have dealt with the idea that i will live every day in some amount of pain. im starting to learn how to be okay with that.

3. i have two girls in my life that I call my sisters. they say we are not blood relatives-but you cant convince us of that.

4. I get anxiety from being around large crowds or groups, especially if i dont know those around me.

5. I find that i act a bit like the reciever of memmory in the book “The Giver”, where I tend to take upon myself the pain and hardships that others are going through. I think its one of the reasons Im here… or one of the reasons we are all here together. πŸ™‚

6. I like the color orange. a lot.

7. Β i know what its like to not want pain. I also know what its like to come to the realization that pain comes no matter what. that takes a lot. but I think that its better to feel than not to.

8. i don’t want to grow up. Growing up is for people who forget what its like to see the world as a child. I hope that never happens to me.

9. I am a believer Β in and a minister of the Gospel of Jesus of Nazereth. I count myself lucky that I am able to be called one of the rescued ones, those who know they need saving, and I am thankful every day that there is a God out there that understands and saves.

10. I used to think that, if God was really perfect, there would be no way he could love someone like me. I now know that what God says is true- that His grace is enough. and if thats true, then that is enough for me.

11. I enjoy wearing weird things.

12. I love my job. I get paid to teach people about Jesus and see lives change. how GREAT is that? SO humbling.

13. I own a puppet. His name is Gary. He is a moose.

14. I have an incredible family that has been there for me through think and thin, nothing held back. I cannot tell you what a blessing that has been in my life. With all the nuts thrown in (and i mean nutz) i think i have the best family i could hope for.

15. I believe in hope.


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