oh Lord, give me rescue

I plead to you Lord, let this chaos be easy, let it be quick, let it be painless, let it be unharmful. But also, Lord, let it be welcomed, let it be desired, let it be changing, and let it be renewal.

I pray, Father, that you would give me peace, and take away these symptoms- let them never come. surround me, daddy, with your angels and dont let any harm of pain come to me. Wrap me in your arms and let no symptoms come. let no discomfort come. I know you, Lord, can do that, and i wait and welcome you to use me as a vehicle of your miracle. God let me be your miracle. take this hell from me. I know i have not been yours at all- I have not been your man, i’ve been my man- but Lord,right now, i soo want to be yours again. to be YOUR child, to do YOUR work, and to love you as ME. Father, please take away these things that are come and throw them out. i pray that I am unharmed- but if i am, and if that is your will, that you, OH LORD, will be honored. that YOU, my daddy, would be lifted above all.

father, let this pass from me. I know you’ve done it before, let it be done again. draw me close to you in the midst of this, o God. keep me close to you. be my rescue.


About joshquale

Unusual Truth Communicator.

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