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The state of California just banned toys in happy meals.  And they have to call them just “meals” now.  And children in fast food restaurants will be arrested if they appear to be enjoying their food.

Apple says it will unveil the new iphone that was just unveiled, in June.

When talking about the new immigration laws in Arizona, a spokesperson for the Tea Party said, “illegal is not a race.”  Then he added, “Mexican is a race, and we’ll only be bothering those folks.”

The NHL’s top ranked Washington Capitals were just knocked out of the playoffs, but it’s hockey, so never mind.

The National Milk Producers Federation says that only “mammalian lacteal secretions” should be called “milk.” Cow, sheep, goat and buffalo milk are OK. Almond, soy and hemp milk are not. They also want to remind teen-age girls that guys won’t buy the cow if they’re getting the mammalian lacteal secretions for free.

Cities in California have the most polluted air in America. But it’s going to fall in the ocean pretty soon anyway, so who cares?

A demolition crew in Texas accidentally demolished the wrong house. Said a spokesman for the demolition crew, “Oops.”

Scientists hope to ignite a laser that’s the size of several football fields in the hope of creating a small sun on earth, because what’s the worst that could happen?

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