NEws Droppings from Shoebox

Krygyzstan has declared a state of emergency while hospitals are being overrun after too many people tried to say ‘Krygyzstan’ all at once.

A court in North Korea has sentenced an American to 8 years of hard labor.  The American says he’s just thankful to have a job.

The mayor of Los Angeles is proposing a 3-day work week.  Masses of Southern Californians are outraged at thought of having to work so much.

The space shuttle Discovery has docked with the international space station.  Though the mission comes during a time of huge budget concerns across all government programs, NASA scientists insist that those hydroponic tomatoes aren’t going to prune themselves.

Is Prince William engaged?  OMG if it’s to Kim Kardashian we are going to go insane!

Apparently Kate Gosselin is propelling “Dancing With the Stars” to record ratings, even though whatever she’s doing out there on the floor isn’t exactly dancing. And, technically, don’t you need some sort of a talent to be a “star”? In short, we’re confused.

Justice John Paul Stevens is thinking of retiring from the Supreme Court. He’s 90, and wants to do something else with the second half of his life.


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