Encouragement comes in the weirdest forms, at the worst of times.

I swaer… I must have a special connection with Jenny- because the past few trimes shes been in my car, I’ve completely broken down. These past couple of weeks have been really hard, and for weird reasons. I’ve been really sick, and this pain in my pancreas and my (we’re now thinking) galbladder is at times overwhelming- to the point where forcing myself to sit still, lye down, taking medication or anything will take away the pain. This has really been bringing me down lately.

Yesterday  I was looking through the pictures of my sisters trip to San Francisco and I began wondering if I will be able to do that again? I used to love the fact that I could pack up my bags and set out on the road with only God and friends to give company, and I have always wanted to do that. Now, the way things look now, thats not remotely possible.  I am wondering everyd ay how I am going to be able to do the Amor Mission Trip coming up in june.

Last night i broke down again, and with jenny in the car… it wasn’t easy to handle. She said something that I hope with the deepest part of me to be true. “It’s not always going to be like this…” she said.

God, I hope thats true. Please let it be true.

Thank you , Lord JEsus.

“Bring me Joy, bring me peace,bring the chance to be free, bring me anything that beings you glory. And I know there’ll be days when this life brings me pain, and If thats what it takes to praise you… Jesus bring the rain”


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