What’s your best original quote?

Reddit asks the question.  Here are some of the answers:

  • You’re like Ugly Betty except your name isn’t Betty.
  • Silly Ashley you can’t get pregnant through the face.
  • I made a robot powered by hate, but I loved it so much it didn’t work.
  • I’m not saying he’s unlucky, but if he fell into a barrel of tits, he’d come up sucking his own thumb.
  • Well, I’d like to agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong
  • Son, there are two types of girls in this world: the good ones and the bad ones. And the bad ones are the good ones to know.
  • i’m not the smartest or the best looking but i am smarter than anyone better looking than me, I am better looking than anyone smarter than me, and if someone is smarter and better looking than me, I can kick their ass.
  • Never moon anyone within kicking distance.
  • Never claim to be intelligent, compassionate, or a good driver. Inevitably you’ll do something contrary to all three.
  • If there was no hole in the ozone how would rocket ships get out? –  Me to physics teacher.
  • Love is the weak man’s strength and the strong man’s weakness…
  • Every zoo is a petting zoo if you’re brave enough.
  • On a scale from one to drunk, how high are you?”
  • Drink up, ’cause you can’t regret what you don’t remember.
  • The key to originality is hiding your sources.
  • You know how they say it’s lonely at the top? I’ll be god damned if it ain’t lonely at the bottom too.

What Is Your Best Original Quote?

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