This is chilling …

I recieved this in an email, and it made me think about things… take a look and tell me what you think.




President Truman

established one day a year as a
“National Day of Prayer.”


resident Reagan

designated the
First Thursday in May of each year as

the National Day of Prayer.

In June


Candidate Barack Obama

declared that the USA Was no longer a
Christian nation.

This year
President Obama,

canceled the
21st annual National Day

of Prayer ceremony

at the White
House under the rouse
Of “not wanting to offend anyone”

On September 25, 2009

from 4 am until 7 pm,

a National Day of Prayer

for the Muslim religion was Held on Capitol Hill,
Beside the White House.

There were over 50,000 Muslims that
Day in DC.

I guess it Doesn’t matter

if “Christians”
Are offended by this event –
We obviously
Don’t count as

“anyone” Anymore.

The direction
This country is headed
Should strike fear in the heart of every Christian.
Especially knowing that the
Muslim religion believes that if Christians cannot be
Converted they should be Annihilated

This is not a Rumor –

Go to the website
To confirm this info:
( )

Pay particular attention to the very bottom of the page:
I hope that this Information will stir your spirit.


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  1. The united states of america has not ever been a Christian nation. It is a liberal capitalist democracy.

    The mingling of Christianity with empire has only always corrupted the true practice of Christianity: non-violent, self-donating love…even for enemies.

    So what’s frightening to me is not that we didn’t have a National Day of Prayer (which is idolatry anyways), but that Christians in the u.s. continue to insist that it is their right to rule the world.

    A Muslim day of prayer? First of all, that’s a great idea. And second, that’s the least the u.s. could do. In general the stance of the u.s. for the Muslim middle east has been the very opposite of non-violent, self-donating love. And most “Christians” continue to not only stand for it, but to encourage it by painting the world in broad ‘us versus them’ strokes.

    As for me, I’m neither offended by this event, nor do I care to ‘count as anyone’. After all, our attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus, who made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant. (Phil 2:5,7)

    Since when are Christians supposed to harbor fear in their hearts for anything but God? Since when do we fear annihilation from whatever people group? If you care to fear something, fear that in forgetting that we belong to a kingdom that is not of this world we have traded the cross for the flag, the sword of the Spirit for military arms, the Psalms for the Battle Hymn of the Republic, father Abraham for Uncle Sam, the Church Fathers for the founding fathers…and the Lamb of God for the eagle of the u.s.

    • Thank you, Charismanglican, for reminding me that there are Christians out there who can quote the word of God and remain rational, loving human beings, just as He intended.

      Thank you also for your clever before-and-after on your name.

  2. I couldnt agree with you more

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