Newsdroppings from Shoebox

Seven inches of snow hit Dallas in the first days of Spring.  Texas government officials say that this is the kind of unprecedented emergency that people must expect since the nation has done nothing to stop Obama health care reform.

Beer-making leftovers are being given to cattle because of the nutrient rich grains used in the brewing process. The hard part is finding a beer hat that fits over the horns.

Here is a 1,000-word article from no less than five critics about how Jennifer Aniston gets too much media attention relative to her box office draw.  For more information, go to any web site anywhere.

84 year-old Hugh Hefner says he’s definitely not celibate.  He added that he even still enjoys the kinky stuff. In fact, it seems like all his girlfriends these days want to be blindfolded.

War was disappointed recently as it learned that Dirty Water now kills more people.  While this is quite a blow for War, War feels confident that it can “get back on top” if it applies itself.

San Diegoans avoided a ban on alcohol on the beach by drinking in the water, which also solved the bathroom problem.

There were surprises at the movies last week, as “Alice in Wonderland” and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” both did unexpectedly well. Other surprises: The popcorn was fresh, none of the toilets were clogged with an entire roll of toilet paper and the jerk behind you actually did turn off his cell phone when the movie started.

The Indian military plans to weaponize the world’s hottest chili pepper.  The weapon causes intense pain when first encountered, and extreme agony in the bathroom a day later.

Scientists who have pretty clearly never raised a teenager are trying to determine whether puberty makes you stupid.

Heidi Montag has reached the legal limit for breast implants. What’s the roadside test for that?


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