News Droppings

Apparently, the Democrats have plenty of optimism. That and 216 votes in the House will get ‘em a health care bill.

A million dollars a day is being spent on lobbying for and against the new health care bill. Because, hey, when it comes to health care, there’s no place better to spend a million dollars a day than on advertising.

House Minority Leader John Boehner said that President Obama’s plan to close Gitmo doesn’t make sense.  This is shortly after saying that Obama’s health care plan won’t work and that his tax plan will bankrupt the country.  Then the president wanted tuna for lunch and Boehner said that was a terrible idea, and then the president wanted to watch CSI and Boehner said that show sucks.

Here are 7 tips on how to escape a career rut.  Tip #1: Remind yourself that unemployment is at a record high and then shut up.

David Beckham’s Achilles tendon injury will likely keep him from playing in this year’s World Cup soccer tournament, but Americans aren’t upset because he can still appear in underwear ad photos.

Actor Peter Graves – star of Mission: Impossible and Airplane! – is dead of a heart attack at 83. Clarence Oveur and out.

Tommy Hilfiger has been sold for $3 billion. That’s illegal, isn’t it? Oh, wait…they mean the company.

Here’s that “Awww…” photo of a zebra sticking its head in a hippo’s mouth to clean the hippo’s teeth. A reminder to all you kids out there avoid sweets and be sure to zebra your teeth twice a day.

The Girl Scouts are going green. Probably want to make sure there’s always plenty of mint. Mmmmmm…thin mints….

A new cigarette pack with a pink camel on the front is appealing to teen girls. Nobody saw that coming, except everyone who’s ever met a teen girl.

(from shoebox)


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