the death of apathy?

I just found out that one of my girls in my youth ministry wore a “Virginity Rocks” T-shirt to school today, and got made fun of and laughed at so much that she took it off out of shame.

This shocks me.

How bad of a society do we live in that if a person stands up and is proud that they have stayed pure for their future husband/wife they get cut down and made fun of?! This just shows how bad things are in this world. the message of God is losing ground in our schools… or maybe the apathy of our highschoolers is finally dieing and, with it, is coming pure, intentional immorality.

If the immorality of our present youth culture is the evidence of a decline in apathy in the youth of our churches, whats making them choose immorality over Jesus? momentary pleasure and satisfaction over hope and unstoppable joy?

Lord, please shake the souls of our teenagers and build up those who stand with you that they may be strong and unwavering in there faith in you, and in their decisions to follow your desires for their life, and not the worlds desires for their life. amen.

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