Ice Skating!


One reason I really love going to Vangaurd is the extra stuff we do as a school. Now, if you went (or go) to a big school, you probably dont understand what I mean when I say “as a school”- but it really is what it sounds like- it feels like the whole school is there- which honestly isnt that many people. which is AWESOME.

Tonight the student body decided to pay the way for ALL SCHOOL ICE-SKATING! This was the first time I had ever been Ice skating in my LIFE! I was SO scared to go out there, but the night began LONG before we mde it to the rink.

In my car was Dain and Eric- then we got a call and had to turn back to grab KTB. As a hardy bunch, we headed out to yorba Linda to the OC Ice Palace. Then me, being the dumb-dumb head that I am, took the wrong exit and we found ourselves heading up the 241 Toll Road toward Irvine/Lake Forrest. YAY!

10 minutes, and a fun detour later, we were heading back down the 91 freeway toward our destination. When we got there, they had almost ran out of shoes, and the largest size left was an 11. I wear a 12-1/2 on a good day- but i wasn’t letting this stop me! I strapped on my size-and-a-half too-small shoes and set out onto the ice with the determination of an all-american line-backer and the prodding and pulling of Cassie.

literally. prodding and pulling.

But hey- I DID IT! I ACTUALLY ICE-SKATED! And, I only fell down ONCE! (it was pretty bad, everyone saw, but i fell like a man, and got up like a man, and wiped away the tears like a man, and kept going!) Half-way through the night I got the right size shoes and was able to not commit feet-suicide as was never my plan.

what a great time with the Lil sis, some really good friends, and rocking out to SINGLE LADIES and PARTTY IN THE USA with the guys in the car! I will never forget my first time ice skating, falling down, the dangers of newly-zambonied (?) ice, and how much fun it is to get of the sidelines and get into the rink and just go for it!



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