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There may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning!

Chapel service thismorning is what I needed today. There is joy within the life of the people of God.

Throuout the past few days I have had emmense lonliness overtake me. But today I woke up with emmense JOY- and refused to let little things get me down. Now, with the chorus of saints around me, I lift the name Jesus us because he really does have the power to make dead things, alive.

How true the words, and yet how incompressible is the truth they bear:

All Powerfull, Untamable
You are amazing God!


Youth Cultures

Sitting in class on youth culture, staring at a panel of youth pastors discussing the churches response ot Youth culture, GenY.

The panel is:

  • Eric Wayman, Small group/families pastor, Rock Harbor
  • Tyler Carroll, Pastor of Student Ministries, Rock Harbor
  • Jeremy Zach, Pastor to Students, Laguna Hills Evangelical Free church


Its interesting to see the different responses from the two churches, buch less the three pastors. Those from Rock Harbor are coming at the questions from a “how do we get in touch with a large group of people“, kind of like a business model of church leadership attempting to disciple people in a communal way, while Jeremy Zach is from a small church, dealing with issues of shepherding small groups of people – with a main focus on discipling people, and working against specific culture norms on a one on one basis.

Im loving watching and listening. It’s great.

What a piece of FACIAL HAIR!!

WOW! Watch this to the end- THAT is FACIAL HAIR!




Salvation is here! SHINE 2009

SHINE has become a trademark of VUSC. Aaron Letinsky orcheastrates this special time set aside by the Vanguard Community each week to celebrate the Lord in musical and aesthetic ways, lending to the communal atmosphere of praise of The Holy One on campus, spreading to the world.

Just another reason I

NO PDA in China!


Authorities have set up patrols at a university campus in China to watch out for couples who are hugging, kissing or sitting too close to each other.

On the college’s internet bulletin boards one woman describes how she and her boyfriend were sitting together when a patrol spotted them. The patrol member got behind them and kept coughing until they moved apart.


I WANT ONE! Tauntaun costume!

Star Wars aficionado Scott Holden made himself a Tauntaun to wear as a costume at the Exotic Zone ball in Sacramento.

More about how he made it and DIY –Β here

Sex in space?

The history channel explores the idea of having Sex in zero gravity- calling it “Probing the Final Frontier

Creature from the deep sighted at Walmart!

im tired.

I am really really tired. This has been one heck of a week, and Its only monday.

Do you ever get tired of your life? Not in a suicidal kind of way, just in a bored kind of way.

well… I’m feeling bored… which is a bad thing for me. When I’m bored, I get really really inventive with my time… and htat means normal work goes down hte toilet.

well- Thanksgiving is coming up, New Moon comes out in a few days, and that means Christmas is right around the corner. HOO_DANG!

here comes freedom-


to write love on her arms.

n523370630_2134340_9980 IT happened a few years back, when I got a call from a family friend.

“Did you hear about Sam?” they said.

“No, Whats up?”

“She attempted suicide tonight…”

I hate to think about it, but this conversation is repeated often throughout our country, and sometimes the responses are not that welcoming. I was able to see my friend again- not everyone is able to do that.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. However, the phenomenon of depression and suicide is wreaking havoc on our nation. Im constantly amazed at how many people know someone who has committed or attempted suicide and, at the same time, how little its talked about or addressed- even in our churches and places of faith.

To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) is an organization and a movement that was started by a group of friends who helped a perfect stranger survive a few days of withdrawal before she was allowed to enter a detox program. Β Heres another story of the hope given by this group:

“My name is Taylor and I am 22 years old. I have been an addict for the past six years of my life and have been looking at getting into rehab for awhile now. I should be checking in sometime this week I am just waiting for my federal aid to come in. I wanted to thank you guys for doing what you do and being there. I haven’t personally ever talked to anyone with your organization but my sister heard about it somehow. My sister is 18 years old and has never used a day in her life. Ever since I started using I haven’t been there for her and we kind of live two completely seperate lives. We haven’t gotten along. Today my sister picked me up from my house and said she had a surprise for me. We went and got love tattooed on our arms. SheΒ  has never had a tattoo so this was a big step for her. She started crying, I haven’t seen real emotion from my sister in a long long time. She told me what you guys were about and expressed what she has felt about my use and the way I have made her feel. I made a promise to her to stay clean, something I have never said to anyone. Every time I look down at my arm it will remind me of what a commitment my sister has made to me and to helping me stay clean. I just wanted to thank you guys for helping her understand and helping her accept me and not frown upon me. Your organization has really made an impact on both of our lives and I really wanted to express my gratitude.”

The rest of the TWLOHA story is below.

This is a fantastic movement and cause that has helped give hope to countless people through connecting them with others who struggle with the same problems, and getting them in touch with suicide and depression helplines, offering them tools to help cope and move past their helplessness.

Check them out at